It’s a dark atmosphere, but at the 타이마사지 ㅁㅁㄹ resort

The employee who got the customer card back took me to the management office.

There were management offices on both sides of the corridor structure!

The entrance is not covered by curtains or blinds.

Each room had a door, so it looked better for private care.

And not only single rooms, but also double rooms for family care.

There was also a multi-person room.

As therapy shops have become popular these days,

As the number of visitors increases on the basis of couples and friends,

Naturally, the proportion of multi-person rooms has increased, too!

I’m going to visit with my friend 타이마사지 ㅁㅁㄹ next time.

I went into the maintenance room, finished the change, and looked around the room for a while.

Overall, I got the impression that it was well organized and neat!

Among them, the most popular bedding and bedding were noticeable.

Typically, there’s a Swedish massage.

You can get an aroma oil massage at the same time

I have two things to get at the same time.

I’ll choose one and focus on it.

I had a choice.~~

The aroma scent that comes from somewhere

in a delicate feeling

Something that brings you mental and physical stability and relaxation.

It’s a feeling.

as the light is dim

I didn’t take a picture.

It’s very spacious inside.

in a calm mood inside

It gives you a sense of psychological stability.

piling up fatigue-reducing

I can feel the atmosphere~~~

Art paintings are framed in every corridor section.

I think it’s simple and sensible.

It’s a dark atmosphere, but at the resort,

I feel like I’m taking a break.

There are relaxing pieces everywhere.

He didn’t see any stains or damage, and his bedding was clean.

I think I was able to take care of myself when I saw it was washed!

After a while, the staff showed me to the foot bath, saying foot care was ready.

In the foot bath, I was informed that a caretaker in charge of my care

They arrived in advance and prepared it.

We greeted each other lightly, and then we started getting foot care.

I put my feet in warm water, and I get care, and my whole body feels drowsy.

I almost fell asleep!

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