Chungdam Massage, led by 건마 fate

I used to recover quickly after a few days of rest.

I’ve been resting all weekend, but I don’t feel any better.

My friend told me to go to Cheongdam Massage and get some healing, so I went there.

I happened to be doing an event, so I hurried back.

It was a relief that there were many branches all over the country near my workplace. If it was far away, I wouldn’t have gone because I was too lazy.

I came inside, and it sounded like I was hearing it.

Feels like we’re in a hotel!

It’s my first visit, maybe because of the subtle lighting.

This is Cheongdam Massage, which was not tense at all.

The interior was also neatly decorated.

It’s modern and sophisticated.

It was a perfect atmosphere for women to like.

There are programs everywhere.

I could tell at a glance.

You’re free to do a regular program that looks good.

It’s a great opportunity to receive it, so I didn’t miss it.

I don’t know if it’s because of the stress or the season.

I don’t know if it’s because of my age,

I didn’t feel refreshed, but I felt sick all the whole time.

I’ll go to the sauna and do some simple exercises.

I warmed up, but it didn’t get any better.

My friend often visits Cheongdam Massage here.

There was a reason why I bragged about it.

When you’re done writing the chart, consult and decide accordingly.

I was feeling down and down, so I was thinking about what I should get, but if I had a full body, I could balance it out.

They say it’s good for 송파 건마 refreshment as it relaxes your muscles.

Enter the management room right away!

I’ve been wondering how it’s going to be.

Not in a multi-person room, but in a comfortable manner.

There’s a single room.

I don’t know if it’s just skin care, but…

To be honest, I didn’t want to be with anyone else.

I’m both embarrassed and embarrassed.

I thought it would be nice to have a private room, but it was the one I wanted.

Not only in a cozy and quiet atmosphere,

The hygiene looked good, too.

It’s a blocked space, so it’s a little damp,

I thought it might smell.

I couldn’t feel that at all.

The air purifier is running.

The indoor air was very pleasant.

And there was a locker on the other side.

It works with a password.

It was so amazing.

I’m relieved, but it was so convenient that it was good.

The next thing that surprised me was the bedding.

I didn’t think about this much. Goose quilt and latex bed!

I’ve never used anything like this before, so it’s strange.

After a few minutes, I got used to it quickly.

I didn’t sleep enough, but I couldn’t help sleeping

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