Profits are about a million won 꿀알바 a month.

I’ve been posting a lot of posts on blogs lately.

There’s a reason I’m suddenly posting.

The recent Corona has made the game very difficult.

I’m sure everyone knows there is.

Now, the age of living on one job,

It’s been a long time.

Through various methods and pipelines,

We have to do economic work to live in this era.

That’s why.

We want to make a profit through various methods.

These days, the internet network is so advanced.

You don’t advertise on the Internet, you don’t want to run a business.

It’s become impossible to operate.

Many people swear at 꿀알바 Naver.

And the reason is that he’s eating.

And he’s doing whatever he wants.

I feel it, but he’s doing what he wants.

Actually, it’s something I can’t curse at.

A lot of people don’t like it.

I’m with you, too. LOL

And it’s true that I’m doing what I earn.

I don’t know if the expression “give” is right,

I think Naver Adpost is one of them.

I’ve searched for my old writings.

He wrote about it once.

I mean, back then, it wasn’t really a big deal.

I think the purpose of his exposure to the search was significant.

I didn’t earn much back then.

Time goes by and things seem to change.

If you post something on your blog, you’ll see that it’s better than before.

If there’s more advertising,

If you’re running or searching,

I’m sure you’ll all feel it.

So from the point of view of running an ad-post,

We’re seeing more revenue.~

It’s not about me.

I’ve been searching for it before.

With nearly two million visitors a day,

Blogger’s ad-post revenue is about 1 million won a month.

I’ve read a post that says it’s working.

I thought it was “Jealous” at the time.

I thought it wasn’t the time to be envious.

I run a little bit of the cafe.

Profits are falling.

Prices are going up little by little.

If you just keep looking at it like this,

I’ve been thinking about going to hell with my life.

That’s why I’ve posted a few times this week.

With the idea of making a profit here, too.

There was a reaction.

In the picture above, the daily earnings range from 200 won to 500 won.

Some days it’s tens of won.

In the last few days, it’s between 2,000 won and 4,000 won.

You can see the revenue.

In a word, a new keyword.

As the search came in, the search person

It’s proof that we’re moving on to more advertising sites.

The other reason for the increase in profits is…

When you came in with an expensive keyword,

There’s also the fact that the amount of compensation is rising.

If you’ve studied this a little bit,

I think that’s what everyone knows.

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