They revealed the information transparently.

The A6 40tdi Quattro premium engine is matched with the same diesel four-cylinder turbo engine and the seven-speed S-tronic transmission. Maximum power output 204 horsepower, maximum torque of 41kg.m. Maximum speed of 246km, zero bag of 7.6 seconds.

I don’t know if my old car 88카 is old.

put off for a few years or so

There was a problem and I ended up closing the car.

When I think of the years I spent doting,

It’s a waste, but now it’s time to let go.

I thought I’d be.

when doing personal work or traveling

The vehicle is essential for preparation and now

Because I’m old enough.

The ability to maintain my car…

It’s here, but now that we’re getting a new car,

It’s a lot of pressure for the cost.

I was thinking about it.

Just in time, through a large corporation,

A used imported used car with good performance.

Professional Ansan Auto Dome used car brothers.

I’m turning around.

Even a famous media outlet, they’re covering it alone.

transparent enough to do, safe purchasing

He was famous for overflowing.

Most importantly, I’ll check every little detail.

No false sales, no benefits.

I saw the fact that it exists.

At first, knowing the relevant information

It’s not enough. I’m looking at it with colored glasses.

There were some eyes, but imported used cars.

The thought of coming into my hands.

I’m excited, but I don’t know what to prepare.

I didn’t dare get caught.

I think there’s a lot of traffic around here.

No one’s working, no one’s studying.

Because you haven’t done it, you’ve got to have some knowledge.

But the perception of middle and high school is…

I don’t think it’s a good thing.

If you don’t contact them directly, you’ll find out.

I thought I couldn’t. I was busy, but in the meantime,

With a mind of excitement for years.

I started studying.

If there’s a need, it’s a couple of days.

Of course it’s better to use it, right?

I’ve collected some articles and information.

I’m not sure it’s a very popular place.

If you’re unkind or you don’t want to be a bubble.

I’m not sure if you’re selling it or not.

I’m worried, and I’m careful with my judgment.

I won’t have a day to regret.

I made up my mind.

First of all, I’m going to be driving for a long time.

It’s not like we’re just gonna use it for a while and change it.

With all the hard-earned money I’ve been raising,

I have to make a reasonable purchase.

Cost-effective imported used cars after further investigation.

in more detail so that we can make the money

My thoughts and worries are meticulous.

They’re famous, they’re kind, they trust.

It’s a place full of trust.

There was a lot of talk.

Especially when you dig into it.

Used Car Brothers representative

Last year, I was on a public TV program.

He was chosen as a conscientious dealer himself.

I don’t know how the consumer feels.

What do you need to be careful about?

It’s transparent. It’s transparent.

He’s been on the show.

I’ve watched that video once.

How to make a purchase is a good idea?

Tell me how to do it and how to give me advice.

You’re safe with the vehicles you’re selling.

You said you were sure. You were proud.

They told me.

I thought I could believe it.

I started to trust him.

Because of these facts, the mind is…

To some extent, to be firmly established,

I felt it, so I wanted to get a brief consultation.

I have a reservation.

It’s not too far away.

It’s not the hard way to get there.

I thought it was better.

But as time goes by, we set a date.

Anxiety has risen little by little.

I’ve been thinking a lot for a long time.

I thought I’d be looking around the store for a long time.

Isn’t this a nuisance to the people?

I had a lot of thoughts coming up.

The weather’s getting cold, and it’s so bad.

I was wondering what you’d do if you got up.

Should I cancel it out of concern?

I was thinking about it.

With imported used cars just in time for you

On the official verifiable website,

You go in there, you’re worried like me.

I’m going to tell people how to do it online.

I’ve organized it so you can look at it.

They told me.

So when I looked closely,

The cafe has 60,000 units across the country.

I’m going to sell the budget-based products that I’m going to buy them.

Deploy and organize at a glance at the price range

You did a great job.

Ask your dealer for more details

in some way or other, the exact sale of a product

Find out beforehand and visit the store.

If I can, I’ll be as long as I’m concerned.

I don’t think I need it, most of all.

Faster, safer and more affordable imported used cars

It’s a way of helping out in the middle.

I really liked it.

And you can check it out online.

The methods have greatly increased the credibility.

There was a part I learned more about here.

As I mentioned earlier, among many media outlets,

in the highly publicized JoongAng Ilbo

at the consumer choice that you’ve hosted.

A career that won the Brand Award

It’s there is.

I’ve had a lot of experience.

We have a lot of them.

It increases the reliability.

Then, directly with the dealer at the store

I was just talking.

I’ve got a sudden idea here.

Before you knock on the door, there’s a lot of places.

I’ve compared them to each other.

I found out that the price difference is big.

Why are you so different to the dealership?

I was asked if it was going on.

I was afraid it might be rude.

Unexpectedly, he smiled and spoke slowly.

Among many companies, an accident or flooded vehicle can be used for customer psychology.

Sometimes they sell it like it’s a normal car.

Or pretend you’re not on a false sale.

that leads to regrettable consequences.

He told me that there are times when it’s a case.

And after we’ve finished talking,

The dealer showed you the monitor.

I turned my eyes to make sure they fit the budget.

I could see the computer networks all over the country.

I could see a screen full of eyes.

I asked him what it was, and he said, “It’s a nationwide problem.

Used by established dealers

They say it’s a computer network, but the bubble-free market price.

You said it was this, and you explained every detail.

They revealed the information transparently.

Listen to this information and talk.

A lot of people, including imported used cars,

From other general domestic small to large

Make sure it fits the list you list you want.

So you trust and leave it to them.

I realized it while doing it.

Now I have a car that I like.

It’s a reasonable and kind explanation, and it’s very trustworthy.

I ate a lot.

Thank you for your kind guidance and explanation.

Finally, the day I want to do it’s the day I want.

I’ve been riding it since I sent it.

There is no problem and the condition is good, so I am very satisfied.

And if you ever visit again, you’ll still be able to do the same.

He’ll be kind enough to guide and explain.

It’s very reliable and satisfying.

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