If blogs are slow to grow, they must be something to consider.

As long as it’s not just a blog for watching alone, we have no choice but to pay attention to the number of views.

It is of interest to many people to create an active blog where many people interact and communicate.

Although Naver has relatively high levels of high-level exposure methods for searches,

Google has less information in Korean than Naver.

I search several sites and find ways to apply them,

Or I’ve summarized some ways to refer to it.

I am weak in computer HTML and technology, so I want to know what I can think of first from the perspective of the general public.

Domain – How old a domain 구글상위노출 is has no effect.

Title Keywords – When a title contains keywords, it is better to be in front of it.

Volume – Large body quantity advantage

Title & Body – The more relevant the keyword is, the higher the quality assessment.

Tags – Words associated with topic keywords should be included in text, tags, and titles.

Multiple postings of similar content – no good effect

Subject word – it is advantageous that the keyword is included within 100 words of the body

It’s better not to misspell – Spin the Spell Checker

I like multimedia – photos and videos

YouTube – Google likes YouTube videos

Originality – hand-written posts are more advantageous

Deviation rate – the longer you stay, the better the quality.

Number of Visitors – The higher the number of visitors, the better the quality.

Revisit – Positive Factors

Comments – The more comments there are, the better.

Backlink work, HTML work, etc. are too difficult. crying

If you search for the top exposure elements of Google search, you’ll find a lot of information.

From the perspective of a blogger as a hobby, it is really hard to pay attention to each and every one of these meticulous factors.

It takes time and effort, and it is burdensome to pay for marketing.

For now, I am interested in continuing to write in the field I am interested in.

But if blogs are slow to grow, they must be something to consider.

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