The basic system makes the product stronger and safer for customization.

I want to install Sky Earning in my own space.

I think a lot of people are interested in skylining these days and want to install it. However, for those who are vague about which products are good and how to choose, I would like to introduce the skylining product line by system. Before that, if I ask you with basic information, you’ll save a lot of time, right?
Whether or not you need a little or not.

I want to install a sun screen because there is too much sunlight in a particular outdoor space. But I also need the sun.
Then Sky Earning is correct!
So, before we find a business, we should check the size first, right? If you tell me what kind of environment the place is installed after measuring the horizontal size, I can get an estimate more easily.
Oztec can install a product up to 13m wide and 10m long.
Shall we take a tape measure and increase the width and protrusion of the space we want, check whether it’s a deck, a dirt floor, concrete, or marble, and ask?
It’s simple, right? Let’s go!

try installing virtually

If you secure the virtual size, you can contact the company and 스카이어닝 proceed with the virtual installation.
A certificate to prove the quality of each species,
A company with a wide range of experience and know-how would be good.
It has a lot of production and installation technologies.
Sky-earning products are divided into 1 module, 2 module, and 3 module depending on the width size.

Is there a module that is determined by size (width)?
The basic system makes the product stronger and safer for customization.
After the estimate, before the contract is signed, to finally decide the design with the customer,
Try installing the product virtually.

Let’s check if there’s a problem with the product installed in the simulation, whether it’s installed in a column or in a unique environment, or if the support is strong depending on the weight of the product.
Once these tasks are completed, they will start production immediately.
be elaborately produced with an accurate system

Based on the size of each module and protrusion, the profile (aluminum frame) is immediately produced.
We wait for the release date after packing it safely through cutting system according to customized size, fabric system imported from headquarters in Australia, and systematic assembly system.
In the factory, assembling and packaging by profile is carried out according to the work order.
Robust, reliable custom construction

Installing a product requires expertise.
Oztec has been installing in various environments, so it does it perfectly under any circumstances.
Any wall can be perfectly constructed.
In this blog, we also post things that could be an issue of installation.
[Oztec Skyning] How do you fix the bracket?!
How to secure the bracket. Let me post the third one.The place we need to fix today is a wall of marble-like stone.

to repeat trust in trust through follow-up management

Oztek has a two-year warranty and has established regional dealerships and A/S specialized teams for quick customer response.
So far, I’ve written down a story that goes from ordering to installing the product.
From now on, we are going to proceed with posting by Oztec system.
I’ll see you at the next post.

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