Director Bit, who’s working on a list of promoters.

Hello, Dadaepo Jiujitsu Janggi-dong Farada.I’m the director of this beat.
There is a lot of anxiety in the corona-ro dasaepo these days, but thorough disinfection and ventilation. I’m trying to make a safe gym with a mask on.
Today is Daedaepo Jitsu Janggi-dong Para.I’d like to share with you the news of this and that at this place.

First of all, we’re Daedae-po-jujitsu.This team has produced a team suit.
It was easy to proceed because designer Minwook worked hard. Minwook, thank you!
Put in the Dadaepo City Jujitsu and Paradise Mark.
I put my nickname, Beat Kwan Jang in English.
I’m glad you look so pretty.
I’ll make it first and try it on.
I showed the uniforms to the team members of Daedaepo Jitsu, and eleven people ordered it.

And I got it. I’ll have to hand it out today.

We’re Daedae-po, Jisoo, Janggi-dong.They’re adult students on this team.
Many people are resting compared to last year.
I am doing the class with gratitude and satisfaction.
I hope everyone doesn’t get hurt like me and has fun exercising.

It’s good to drink it like Serflico Ion drink once after training.
Dadaepo Jitsu Janggi-dong Paradise Team!
March 24th. How about 5 months today? You’ve been judged by the bay.
Due to Corona, the screening has been delayed every three months.
Director Bit, who’s working on a list of promoters.

Thank you all for your hard work. Congratulations on your promotion!

It’s a long-term, long-term paradise.In this team, middle school, high school, and adult students are training together.
Middle school students are not shaking or disturbing the class, so you don’t have to worry.

Last Saturday, there was a promotion ceremony for the first quarter.

I wish you all the best tomorrow as you all practiced hard for tomorrow.

The promotion ceremony has begun.

I was checking my self-defence every time I got a promotion (quarter by quarter) to think of the fundamental 주짓수 “Ju Jitsu” that protects my body.

But when I saw him memorize it, I wondered what it meant.

I always said that every time I went to school, but I was a little disappointed because everyone was like that this time.

I think all the test and test systems in Korea are going like this because of the education that only needs to be scored. I had an idea.

Today’s screening was mostly promoted.
Thank you so much for your hard work in Gokchon by subway.

Being good at jujitsu is important, but I want to be people who can enjoy jujitsu.
If you enjoy it, everyone becomes good and strong.

It’s a long-term, long-term, long-term, long-term para that’s re-leaping.Is team!
I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
I will exercise hard and guide you.

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