The compilation training season started on Tuesday.

It’s been a while since I’ve done compilation training, so I’m weak.
I can feel it in my writing. Do I have to use a blog part-time job?Let’s talk about how we’ve been doing.

The compilation training season began on Tuesday, April 6.

I’m going to practice a lot of strategies in the form of back-to-back training.
I’ve been training hard, but it’s hard enough to ignore my efforts.

I’m thinking about what I need for my family’s various sports.
I’m still getting my makeup done.
Shall we go watch it?

As soon as the gym opened in Itaewon in 2013, I was a scary friend who came to contact me like a ghost and trained for 6 days a week, but I am continuously training for 2 days a week due to various tasks and busy work.
Despite being busy with many things, he was promoted to Galti in almost eight years without giving up his training.

Jiu-Jitsu Monster, who was a master in four white-banded grains when he first entered Jiu-Jitsu…
The hidden marine in the jiujitsu world. I always learn from him who does everything faithfully without letting go of the learning string. (even my birthday is slower than mine)

I was going to see cherry blossoms with the director, but I stopped in front of Marilyn Monroe.

I saw a lot of cherry blossoms falling to the ground due to the strong spring rain.

I bought Garmin Fitness Watch Smartwatch Venuesq.
I bought the cheapest model due to financial 주짓수 pressure, but it seems that all the functions I need are working.

I usually use it well for aerobic sleep analysis.
Even if you can’t trust all the figures 100 percent because it’s not a medical machine, you don’t seem to be lacking in maintaining and managing your overall body condition.

The jiujitsu suit is also loveless.
It is a suit that provides the optimal degree of freedom to move by introducing a cube skirt to a suit sewing pattern.

A player participated in the preliminary round and went to the second round.

After the match, I always want to be more supportive by my side, and I am filled with subtle emotions such as the sadness of having to be silent in a situation I don’t know.
The player won and advanced to the second qualifying round at the end of May.

I had a hamburger with the scariest… near the park.
Classic hamburgers are the best.

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