스웨디시masaji Healing is something like this

Swedish Massage is the most common form of Western culture.

The most attractive type of massage.

Natural oils,using herbs,the masseur’s

according to one’s style and what one wants to achieve

as if enjoying a rich flavor like chocolate

It says that it stimulates your five senses with soft, delicate, and rhythmical touch.

as I read it

If you’ve ever had a 스웨디시 massage, you’ll all agree.

Have a sip of tea.

I looked at seven cards.

I saw an orange color that day.

I chose an orange card.

Sandalwood, orange, and geraniums are blended.

Citrus oil makes you feel fresh.

That’s why I got healed whenever I was getting a massage and breathing deeply.

You take off your clothes first in the room, and then you take them off into the gown

After taking a shower in the shower room,

Get a Swedish massage.

As much as I generously apply Aveda products,

in a clean state

It’s better to get it.

Body wash, shampoo, everything you use in the shower.

It’s from Aveda.

Apgujeong Massage Toes 2S is in good condition in each room.

Each room has LG Fury and Humidifier.

Since it’s time, we have a hand sanitizer ready.

The management teacher came in, and since then,

Receive Swedishimasazi Pulnisterapy for exactly 100 minutes.

For 100 minutes, I’ve had my hands full.

I think it was a keyboard, too.

The bottom line is really healing time.

When I came out, I found a room with a stylist.

Apgujeong Massage Tuess!!Hehehehe

After getting a few suede massages, I don’t feel itchy anymore when you massage Seo Hye-bu.

I liked the feeling that I got, so I came home and did a couple of similar things for my husband.

My husband also says he feels comfortable because his muscles are relaxed.

That’s why I’m going to get a suede mashimaji as a couple on my wedding anniversary and my husband’s birthday.

If he goes alone,

They’re all female teachers, so they’re the type to be ashamed of what the opposite sex does.

Please give me a cold drink when I come out.

Apgujeong Massage Toes (2S) Sweetsy Massage Day

Isn’t that what life is all about?And then I started humming a song.

Isn’t this what healing is without me knowing? I’m starting to change the lyrics.

Next time, happy healing like this

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