A simple snack while taking a foot bath.

I tried mask-mode as a basic finishing step.

No matter how good the pack is, if it doesn’t absorb it, it’s a piece of cake.

And if you do the daily pack with this, the nutrition of the ampoule in the mask pack is…

It can be transmitted to the skin quickly and completely.

Even if it’s dry, it’s too dry these days.

To the point where I wonder if it’s this dry.

My face is splitting apart.

It’s literally a face drought.

I do care that you use moisturizer often.

No matter how much moisture you put on the outer part of your face, it’s still dry.

Maybe it’s because it’s not enough to absorb it.

Clean and exfoliate with a peeling pad.

I tried skincare with the Ginidabattle moisturizer.

I don’t think there’s anything better than being faithful to the basics.

Cleansing and exfoliating are the basics.

After washing my feet clean, I received warm water and started taking foot baths. I feel like I’m getting tired as I’m getting tired. It’s been a while since I’ve had a massage like this in Asan.

It contains a beautiful saffron flower, which is excellent for whitening and sulfuric 금천구 스웨디시 acidification.

To wipe it off and calm it down.

It contains 6 natural herb extracts.

It was hard to absorb the essence of the mask pack, but it was delivered to the skin completely.

The elasticity of the skin and the elasticity of the fingertips are definitely different than the one you just put on and off.

It’s a hand massage from Esthetic.

It’s equipped with 3D vertical vibrations.

So I’m going to show you everything you need for your skin that lights up your tone of elasticity.

Rich Galvanic Massage Banave Up6

It was a time of in-between seasons that made me worry a lot.

Galvanic ions nourish and 3D stereoscopic vibrations give you the same massage you received at the shop.

It makes your skin moist and elastic.

When you wash your face with foam,

residue wastes

Especially after makeup, it often stays everywhere.

It’s more about foam than double cleansing.

Wipe it off with this, and you’ll have less time to wash your face.

Even a clean wash!

The pad itself is thick, so it’s easy to wipe it off many times.

I’m gonna do a little bit of skincare on the base, and then I’m gonna…

I wash my face the next morning, and the skin texture felt different at the end of my hand.

Smooth and soft @.@ It’s a bright and moist day without any exfoliation!
With lipstick and the usual combination.

I tried on the back of my hand to see how easily the color makeup erases.

Moisturizing cotton pad

I rubbed it, and it turned out to be lipstick.

a clean cleansing >

I rub it on my skin, and then I wipe it with a cleansing pad.

It’s mild without irritation.

If you wipe it off with a toner,

Skin exfoliation and make-up deep cleansing with peeling ingredients!

I think consistency is the key to skin care.

You can apply the same basic lines you usually use at home.

You don’t have to pay for it, and it’s good for home care!

It’s no longer a problem to be consistent.

If you have skin problems during the change of seasons,

With Galvanic Massage Banave UP6

Take care of your home -!

They take a foot bath and take care of me. Sometimes, I get tired when I stay in warm water for a long time. If you eat something sweet like this, you’ll feel better. At 24am in Asan, you can get a foot bath comfortably because there are snacks. I personally liked them more because they were my favorites.

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