I chose lavender that is good for fatigue recovery.

Are you all having a good weekend? Sunday night already? I think the weekend goes by really early.

I went to Shinchon for a long time to get a aroma massage to relieve my fatigue that I had accumulated for a week.

Maybe it’s because it’s been a long time since I’ve been on a business trip, but my whole body has hardened like a rock, so I thought I’d get rid of my fatigue if I get a cool Swedish massage

I went to Root Stick. If you massage it coolly, you’ll get rid of all the lumps.

You can find it easily because it is located less than 5 minutes away from Exit 7 of Sinchon Station, Subway Line 2.

As soon as you open the door and enter, the interior space of the neat and stylish design is perfect!

Overall, it’s clean and clean, so it makes me feel good. Sometimes when I go for a massage,

I often see pleasant smells and dirty places. Don’t worry about it! The root-testing is neat and luxurious.

Many couples go on a date because there are a lot of good restaurants and things to play in 스웨디시 마사지 Hongdae or Sinchon!

In hot weather like these days, it would be nice if couples visit each other and relieve their fatigue with a Swedish massage in an air-conditioned place.

The administrators all have professional certificates, so you can get waxing, tanning, and Sinchon aroma massage.

There’s a separate waiting room, so you can have a cup of tea while you wait.

The natural light comes in quickly, so you can wait in the waiting room comfortably. I made a reservation in advance and went to get it done right away.

If you make a reservation in advance and visit, you can get care right away without waiting, so I recommend you make a reservation and visit.

Shinchon’s up to 60 pyeong waxing tanning shop and the composition of the experienced manager are known for their meticulous waxing.

Various tanning products are neatly set up. A lot of people are visiting to transform their skin into a healthy one.

Waxing Room! When I went, a lot of people came to get waxing treatment.

If you wax neatly in hot weather like these days, you can go around more refreshingly and coolly.

I’m still… I’ve never waxed before, but a lot of people around me do it.

Couple room where couples can receive a Shinchon aroma massage!

Overall, it’s full of clean and soft bedding, so I think you can take care of it comfortably.

It’s a clean and clean shop, so wouldn’t it be great if couples visit each other and take care of each other?

After having a delicious meal at many Sinchon restaurants around me, I’m tired while warming up my whole body! I think this is a healing date in my daily life.

My main program is Swedish massage. What is a Swedish massage?

It is said that it uses oil to penetrate the muscles smoothly without causing unnecessary pain, thereby promoting blood flow.

It is regarded as the most ideal and scientific massage from the Western perspective as a manual therapy that represents the West.

You can relax your whole body with fragrant and warm oil. I select the oil to run during the program and proceed.

There are various scented oils such as vergamot, rosemary, lavender, orange, lemon, etc.

I chose lavender that is good for anxiety, insomnia, relieving tension, and recovering from fatigue.

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