I’m lucky to know the price of a modern used car

If you leave your hair unattended, you’ll get it back.

They say you’re growing up. But I want you to cut it out.

If it’s too short when it’s done, target captain.

It takes too long to get there.

I think I’m feeling a little frustrated. I’ve been doing this for almost a decade.

I lived with long hair for the first time last year.

I’ve tried bobbed hair, but of course, short hair is very…

I liked the convenience, but only long hair.

I’m growing it again because it’s there as well.~

Long hair doesn’t have to be curled.

You can style it just by tying it up.

There’s an advantage, and it’s relatively good for winter.

I like it because it feels warmer when you cover it up.

I’ve had a long life, and now I’m in my first year of employment.

It’s more convenient to go to work and travel.

You can go there in your own car.

I wanted to pick out the bung-boong that’s out there.

The design is so pretty and casual for him.

The moody Benew high-end price is good.

He’s been talking a lot, so if you look at it in person,

I thought, “What do you think?”~~

And so I came across it, from color to color.

It’s very clean in white, so it’s perfect for winter.

I like the light color. A lot of them are black, too.

He says he’s a choice, but I don’t think he’ll ever

It seemed to suit my taste, and it looked good.~

The chromium molding is not too much. the front like this

I was constructing a radiator grille.

Add a point with a plaid pattern.

The modern emblems are arranged in large batches.

There was. Headlights and fog lights on the side.

It was continuing, and it was a little cute, blusher.

I think they did it for me, and it was very well done.

Why are you so popular? Make a lot of choices.

I realized it was possible. And only the model year.

It’s not that old to look at.

It’s in the 2020s, so you can rest assured.

I was, and I was confident, that you would have told me

They told me this and that. It was amazing!

His total height was recorded at 5,000 kilometers.

That was the status quo. No wonder I didn’t see the hawk’s eyes.

You’re not going to miss out on every corner of it.

I’ve been looking at it, but it’s one quality.

And when we look at it, the damaged parts are almost completely intact.

It’s invisible. It’s rather glossy.

It’s great that you’re giving it to them.~

It’s called accident-free. This is a performance check.

You showed it to me, so I could check it out. Outside and inside.

I’ve been looking around all this time, and I’ve been looking at the middle and high school of

It’s not very useful, but it’s easy to use.

White-colored exterior and black-colored interior

It seems common to have been configured~

appropriate to avoid giving the impression of being too much

It’s balanced. Each button is positioned.

It was a structure. Trip screen center fascia

It’s at the top, on both sides.

a blast hole with a line of matte chrome

It’s set up. All in all, indoors.

It turns blue, so it’s more refreshing.

He was carrying them. He’s lightening them.

I liked it.Personally, red is

I didn’t like it that much.

If you have similar tastes to me, please make sure you’re there.

I want you to look around and come back.~

And Benew, I’ve never seen him meet my needs.

But I don’t want to be a small suv.

I wanted to find out more.

So sadly, I left it behind!

When you look at the appearance and management status is considerably,

It was good, and I don’t think it’s gonna be this big cases.

You know, it’s like kicking a rolling blessing.

I thought maybe it wasn’t, but it was absolutely absolutely.

It’s not a small cost, so I’ll have to look at it carefully.~

Transmission is Auto Mission and Venue Medium/High Price

A device that consists of a round handle.

The shift lever is attached. Gearbox

has other complicated buttons.

No, I didn’t. So I’m just going to have to set it up.

without lacking any role as a shift lever.

I can see that it makes it clear.

There was a storage space between them.

With a small ballpoint pen or receipt.

And I think it’d be nice to keep coins and stuff.

It looked like the sun. Even the inside was neat!

Details of the instrument cluster encountered while driving

It’s got a lot 88카 of driving.

I wanted to talk to him because he was there.~

What kind of fuel is injected into it, it’s gasoline.

Well, saving fuel economy compared to diesel,

I’m afraid I’m going to be pushed back.~

Still, drive quietly, keeping quiet.

You’ll enjoy it, so you’ll see the pros and cons.

I guess it’s inevitable, right? And what else?

If a problem occurs, the warning lamp will also be displayed.

Illuminated with an empty seat on the instrument panel!

The trip screen, of course, can’t talk.

I don’t think so. Up to the size.

If not, we usually turn on the navigation.

Get directions, park guide

Not at all in checking lines and compartments.

It was operating to ensure there were no difficulties.~

There was no glitch on the screen, from the model year.

It’s a 2020 model, so it’s a steady upgrade.

It’s based on amazing things!

The graphic on the navigation is also very detailed.

Finally, park to the rear camera.

Prevents accidents from making mistakes.

The Lord is doing his part. interlocking

From the lens of the camera to the resolution.

High and clear with the guidelines.

It reacts and lights up the blind spot

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