It’s not easy to get a job

I felt sorry for receiving money from my mom and dad when I was over 20. When I become an adult, I can make my own pocket money, but even though I’m 25 years old, I keep opening my hands to my parents.
To me, becoming an adult was meant to be an adult, so I thought I would naturally have a lot of money when I became an adult. But that wasn’t it. After I worked part-time and spent my living expenses, there was nothing left, and I used to get money from my parents when my part-time expenses were not enough. If I had more part-time jobs to live a more affluent life, I lost more time, and if I didn’t, I had to get money from my parents, so I felt sorry to keep asking for it, so I felt uncomfortable to get as much money as I wanted.

Employment activities were so vague and had to be done, but I didn’t know what to do first, so I decided to listen to the Job Concert held by the god of employment.

When I first started, it was so easy and everyone else did it, so I thought I could do it. 꿀알바 I also got good results by supporting the part of my job experience that I couldn’t organize with my coach and by the method I told you.

I had only part-time experience, so I had a lot of thoughts on what to write in my self-introduction letter, but I kept thinking and thinking about what I did in high school and what I did when I was a college student, and I thought that I also had a lot of experience.

He also received an interview offer from his company, saying, “Why do you have so many packs when you complete a letter of self-introduction and submit a letter of self-introduction?”

Every time I do that, I feel like, “Oh, you haven’t wasted your life.”

Anyway, it was good to know more about me as I thought about myself and changed it when I wrote the cover letter.

At first, he wrote vaguely what he experienced and what he experienced, but while receiving counseling, he/she wrote in detail and quantified his/her capabilities, and wrote briefly, including what he/she gained and what he/she learned. I was not good at writing, so I felt dizzy, but as I modified it, it became easier to read and easier to see.

I think it was best to write a cover letter.

I think it was the most helpful because many people found it difficult to write a cover letter and I didn’t even know what to write. I think the best way to fill out a cover letter was to apply for it and to have an interview if you pass.

All I can say is thank you.

As Corona 19 approached, my passion for finding a job gradually decreased. Thank you so much for supporting me, getting angry, and holding me.

If it wasn’t for you, I’d have been given a sloppy consultation, and I wouldn’t have been able to pass until now because I wasn’t desperate for an interview.

I’m sure you’re preparing for a job and comparing it to others like me.

You may feel shame and want to give up.

But what’s not working right now is…

I’m sure there will be better opportunities in the future.

So even if it’s hard every moment after moment by moment by moment,

Looking at the good opportunities ahead,

I hope you don’t give up

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