I recommend a Swedish massage shop!

Hello! How was your weekend? It’s been a long time since I had a proper rest on the weekend. I usually work overtime a lot, so I don’t feel like I’m resting because I don’t do anything on weekends. I was looking for a shop with a good review at Gunma Banhada with the thought of healing in a good place this weekend, and I found a good place, so I came to visit the Busan Swedish massage shop.

The Forest Therapy shop I visited was located within a minute’s walk from Exit 1 of Seomyeon Station in Busan. I visited by public transportation and it was really easy to find because it was right in front of the station.
If you visit a parking lot, you’ll have to find a parking space, or if you use a paid parking lot, you’ll feel bad, but the Swedish massage shop says you can park for free, so you’ll be able to visit comfortably without having to worry.

The Busan massage shop is open from 10 a.m. to 5 a. When the phone is turned off, it’s closed or closed. Also, it will be canceled automatically if the reservation time exceeds 10 minutes without contacting you, so if you are going, please refer to it.
I was able to enter after I sterilized 광진건마 my hands and checked my body temperature. The Busan Swedish massage shop disinfects the entire store once every 2-3 hours. In addition, the managers were disinfecting the shops with disinfectants everywhere. I’m sensitive to cleanliness and disinfection because of Corona these days, but seeing you quarantine yourself thoroughly, I was able to relax my anxiety and get a massage comfortably.
The sun came into the shop very well. No matter how good the lighting is, I like the natural light the most. The weather is cold, but when I’m in the sun, I feel warm and cozy. Busan massage shop has a good sense of furniture and interior, so I think I know why many young people visit there.

It’s a place to make welcome tea at the Swedish massage shop. It’s all prepared for people who like tea and coffee or drinks. I was so happy because we had a pot of tea that we expected to have a thicker, more delicious tea.
They gave us warm welcome. It was lemon balm tea with a good scent. I heard it’s good for stress, anxiety, and diet. I think it’s the perfect car for me these days. As you mentioned the effects of tea at the massage shop in Busan, I was able to enjoy the tea that I could drink casually more meaningfully.

While drinking tea and snacks, I heard about the program at the Busan Swedish massage shop. Course A and course B are Sports + Rear Aroma for 1 hour, 1 hour and 20 minutes for 60,000 won and 80,000 won for C course and course B consists of 100,000 won for 100 minutes and 120,000 won for 120 minutes for 120 minutes. The price was so nice that it made me feel good.
It’s been a while since I’ve had a massage, so I want to solve it properly and the price and program composition are excellent, so I chose a 120-minute course. I heard that a Korean massage manager in Busan will take care of it. I’ve been looking forward to it a lot, maybe because there’s a lot of reviews saying

The well-washed maintenance clothes and gowns were arranged like new clothes. It’s clean without a tight smell, and it’s a nice cotton suit, so the texture of the skin was soft and light. The locker at the Swedish massage shop was big, so it was good to store bulky clothes and luggage. Also, the lock is password-coded, so it’s very convenient to carry around a key.
There was a shower room and a powder room next to it. It was neatly and sensibly decorated like the inside. All the necessary products are well-equipped, so even if you suddenly come to get a massage, it’s a perfect Busan Swedish massage shop.

The shower room at the massage shop in Busan was clean without any water or hair on the floor or drain. It is said that once a customer uses it, they clean it right away. That’s why there’s definitely a difference in cleanliness compared to other places.
I changed my clothes and came to the foot bath room to get a foot bath, but the swaddish massage foot bath smelled like flowers. It was the scent of this foot bath. Maybe because it’s a natural product, the scent isn’t stimulating at all. The color is very nice.

They wash your feet first. I always feel it, but it’s so itchy and embarrassing. But I like the feeling that I feel refreshed when I wait a little longer. The stress that has been accumulated so far by dipping my feet is relieved because I relaxed a little bit at the Swedish massage and took a rest, which made my body and mind lighter.

After taking a foot bath, she scrubbed her swollen feet with a salt scrub. I thought it would hurt because the particles were thick, but after it was cool, it smelled good and my feet got soft. It felt like I was treated well at the swaddish massage shop in Busan.

The swaddish massage manager gave me a refreshing massage from the scalp. You use oil to gently press down and relax your muscles. At first, it was painful because it was very tight, but the more you get it, the cooler it was.
They usually solve the lumps by hand, but I think they know exactly where I’m sick because the Aroma massage manager in Busan is really different. When I got a swedish massage, it was always as heavy as a rock on my shoulder, but I could tell the difference.

When I was hungry after getting a massage, they gave me coffee and snacks. It’s been a long time since I’ve met someone who’s been doing it neatly and delicately, and I got some healing! If you want to rest comfortably, I recommend the Busan Swedish massage shop!

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