This is the proud national team photo of our country by weight class!!

Now that all sports activities have been dampened by Corona, all sports events under the Korea Sports Council are selecting their own national teams.
Ju Ji-Jitsu has selected the national team since the last Asian Games and has been playing domestic games linked to JJIF’s international games.
Last year, the selection of the national team was scheduled, but the tournament was postponed due to Corona.
I was able to develop the national election in Gwangju yesterday. I don’t think I’ll be able to play many games with Corona until the next Asian Games.
I think each game will have a high proportion. The 2022 Asian Games are… We’ll do it normally, right?
In Seoraejitsu, three people participated in the selection of the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s representative last year, and Hwang Woo-guk and Choi Ki-cheon were selected.
In this national team selection, only one player, Hwang Woo-guk, participated and won.
In Seoraejitsu, the 2019 National University was Hwang Woo-guk and Yoo Seo-yeon.
2021 is just one player for Hwang Woo-guk.
He’s the only one in Daegu to be selected for the national jiu jitsu team.
It’s hard to make one national team.
Two national teams from a single gym.
It’s a double celebration!
And the size of the listing doesn’t vary depending on the weight class.
It’s kind of an optical illusion.-_-

Ministry of Gender Equality!
-57 Choi Hye-min, runner-up!
He’s been selected for the national team’s standing squad.~~
Hyemin, who takes an hour to transfer to the subway from Chilgok every day. Unfortunately, they lost in the final.
If you’re still young and work hard, you’re a national team member. I think it’s possible!Congratulations!
Another women’s department.
New Okjo
-48 #3
Okjo, who had a hard time losing weight.£.£
I’m sorry to hear that, but you did a great job.
I think he’s about 52 kilograms by now.
Proud beauties of a girly kingdom moonwalk.
(Lost, call her a beauty.)
This is the proud national team photo of our country by weight class!!

Only two in Daegu!
Those two are on our cross-country trip to the Kingdom.
Lastly, a group photo of the Kingdom Jugjitsu family who stayed to the end to support and support us.
Thank you for your hard work today!
I’m confident that I’m with the best team.
Seorae Jitsu is not a gym with a lot of players, but it is always running to support athletes who train for the best stage in the world.
Well, that doesn’t mean you’re pushing people hard to learn as a hobby…
(Last week, Hwang Woo-guk was losing his weight, so I think some of you had a hard time doing physical exercises that you wouldn’t do in class…)
Hwang Woo-guk, who has been at the top of the women’s team for a considerable amount of time, is actually more of an international match than a domestic match.
We are continuing our training with the goal of IBJJF World or AJP Tour World Blackbelt World Championship.
There’s still a long way to go to be the best in the world, so I’d like to play more games to improve and improve my game.
It’s hard because we can’t play since last year.
It’s been a long time since I played in a tournament, and I think I was able to resolve the gap by winning the submission of the previous game.
Jiu Jitsu is hard and technological advancement is fast, so maintaining a stable No. 1 position is difficult, but it shows its unwavering skills.
I’m proud of the effort behind the results.
(In that regard, 주짓수 Hwang Woo-guk, who won the bronze medal as a representative of the Asian Games, is also great to see that he is still in first place.)
I know a lot of players have been struggling through a lot of hard times last year when they didn’t have a match, and they couldn’t open their seal, but they’ve been working hard.
I’d like to cheer for all the players who came out and played in this national team selection.
Just now.
After finishing the 2021 national jiu jitsu game,
I’m going to tell you the news when I get home!
Jiu-Jitsu’s national team advancement was held at Nam-gu Multi-purpose Gymnasium in Gwangju, Jeolla-do.
Every time I come to the competition, my heart beats…
Let’s fight for this.

First of all, Kim Jin-woo, a sophomore in high school.
He won third place with 94 kilograms!
I was so nervous before the match that I thought about taking a Cheongsimhwan.
But I’m glad I got a good result!
Adult department

Hwang Woo-guk’s victory with a 94kg man!
He’s been selected for the national team.
Since the establishment of the national team of Jiu-Jitsu in Korea,
We’ve been winning so far.
(Yes… it’s me.)
Junil, who is studying abroad in Daejeon,
+94 kg to win!
He’s been selected for the national team.
You worked out so hard.
Good results!
As young as you are, I hope you’ll grow further.
Kingdom Whirlwind
Hwang Woo-guk, Yuk Joon-il

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