Diver products being released at Rolex

Submarine products are very practical and design is also very fashionable, so many 레플리카 people are looking for Daily Watch.

It is one of the most popular models of Lorex for a long time and it is difficult to get it now.

It is a model that is so popular, but now it can not wait and it is a submarine product that has a higher value because it can only be purchased if there is a stock when visiting the store directly.

The new Lorex submariner product is a little bit larger than the existing submariner.

It is a product that is very popular at the same time as it is released.

It is a product that captures the hearts of men who have a lot of clean and masculine images, which is easy to make as a daily watch, while showing the basic sub-mariner design well.

In the case of the introduction model, it is a black submarine product with a bezel of green ceramics.

It is a new model that is new and sophisticated, and it is still eye-catching product.

The case made of matte steel is applied, and it is sporty and has a strong side against scratch, so it is made to use the clock more easily.

The side is equipped with a glossy steel to show a sophisticated design.

In the direction of the city, the fluted type of yongdu is applied to enhance the grip and it is made of screw type so that it has high waterproof performance like a diver watch.

In order to prevent direct impact on the head, you can see the sense of designing the case with both sides.

Bezel is a rotary bezel with diverwatch features.

The serrated bezel rim enhances the grip and allows the bezel to be rotated comfortably. Inside, it shows the images of the bezel imprinted in silver color in the bezel made of green ceramics, and it is showing sporty appearance and sub-mariner unique appearance.

A large luminous point in the inverted triangle imprint in the direction of twelve o’clock is holding the point, and the scales and numbers are neatly imprinted to create a diverwatch style.

The dial is a black color that adds a clean yet sophisticated feel, and it is a new model with a combination of green bezel and black dial.

The dial border is drawn with a second scale to check the exact time.

As the poetic personality is an important model, it puts white light paint in the index so that it can have high visibility even in the night water and adds the charm unique to the submarine with a clean and simple design.

In the direction of three o’clock, the date window is added to enhance the convenience of the user, and under the 12 o’clock index, the crown logo and brand name are included.

And at 6 o’clock, the features of the product and the product name are marked above the index, so you can see that it fills the empty space well.

It is a Mercedes-type hand, which makes it feel good to Lorex, but it also adds luminous paint to silver hands to enhance visibility.

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