You gave me a two-hour discount, so I didn’t pay for the parking fee.

Not too long ago, I went to Daejeon massage parlor to relax my stiff body.
The cost-effectiveness is good, but I wanted to introduce it to you because it’s a great way to release the lumps.

I went to a place called Mango Thai Massage in Ginkang-dong.
It was across the street from the main branch of Sungsimdang, so I could find it quickly.
I was looking for a place to park, and I asked him about the parking lot of our park nearby.
They said we could use it.
I was able to park comfortably 마사지 because of the space.

It was easier to find a sign with a mango picture hanging on the outside wall of the building.
Also, in the direction of Jung-gu Office, there is a parking lot of Woori Park, and it was convenient to park there.
The space is so big that even beginners can use it comfortably.

They told me that I can pay right away at the counter and use it.
The boss was very sweet and the restaurant smelled very fragrant, so I felt comfortable overall. I was satisfied from the first impression.

Daejeon Massage was a place with various courses from full body ties to aroma and foot spa.
Since we’re here, we’ve paid with our whole body to heal properly.

They show me right after I pay the bill.
On the way in, I saw exotic paintings hanging everywhere.
When I asked you later, you said you bought it from Thailand, so I thought it was really good.

I went into the room you showed me, and the air was so pleasant and the TV was so amazing.
I liked it because I thought I could stay comfortably like my house.

There was even a wardrobe on the side of the room where I could hang my clothes.
I heard that you can change comfortably because there are towels to gowns.

After I changed my clothes, I looked at the bedding.
Each one of them looked luxurious and soft, so I didn’t have much resistance.

There’s also a separate shower room next to you.
In the case of aroma, oil might be on your skin, so it might feel uncomfortable, but I was touched because you were considerate to clean it up.

It was a Daejeon massage with a self-bar to pick up and eat refreshments.
There were about 30 kinds of world snacks, so it was fun to choose from.
There were drinks, ice cream, baked eggs, so I shot my taste right.

There were so many kinds that it was hard to put in at a glance.
It’s hard to believe that they give all of this as a free service, so I even asked you again.

Not only are there various kinds, but I also have a smile around my mouth because I heard that I can eat as much as I want.
I was satisfied because I thought I would feel healed if I eat while receiving a spa.

He even brought a microwave to warm it up and eat it.
I couldn’t hide my surprise because I wondered how many Daejeon massage sites are so detailed.

Before I got a massage, I relaxed my body with a foot spa.
You don’t have to worry because the staff kindly guided you.

It’s cozy like a jjimjilbang and the scent of cypress trees is so refreshing that I feel comfortable already.

After doing the anion foot spa, I heard that it helps with blood circulation as well as recovering from fatigue, so I received it with a more pleasant heart.

I brought a lot of snacks to get the spa.
It felt like we were at a sauna. It was so much fun.

I brought a lot of food that was almost full on a tray, but the boss never noticed me.
They asked me what I like and recommended it to me. I was really touched.

He turned on the TV so that I wouldn’t get bored while I was getting the foot spa.
I could turn the channel I wanted because I had a remote control.

After that, I moved to get the Daejeon massage.
It was nice to feel lighter after you let go of your feet.

They also gave me a ticket to check which part is too tight.
Personally, I told you because I think my shoulders and calves are very tight.

Then, he caught exactly what he wanted and gently eased it so that it wouldn’t hurt.
You can adjust the strength according to your personal preference, so please refer to it.

After the given time, I left behind and headed to the counter.
I saw it because I thought it smelled good somewhere, and it was a natural handmade soap from Thailand.
After receiving the Daejeon massage, if you leave a photo and review on SNS, you will be given as a free service, so I have been participating in it.

I was so satisfied that I was wondering if I should quit my membership.
I had a gift card, so I paid for it in advance to give it to my parents as a gift.
It was a great benefit to be able to buy it on a million won basis and to give 10% more as a service.

I got a parking ticket when I left.
They gave me a two-hour discount ticket so I could get out without paying for the parking fee.

I was wondering because there was a refrigerator outside the door.
They were so considerate that I could drink a cold drink until I left.
This is the first Daejeon Massage to pay such attention until the end, so I couldn’t stop praising him.
The friend I went with was satisfied, so I decided to visit again next month. ~~

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