The morale of the team will be undermined,” he pointed out.

Is it the birth of a 9 billion won tutu?

Orix foreign hitter Adam Jones (Orix) is struggling with a sense of hitting that rarely comes to life.

In the Orix position, which has been recruited with great expectations, one day is going through the time of the day. Jones is facing a concentrated saturation of Japanese critics.

Orix Adam Jones is putting pressure on the team due to a severe slump.

Hiramatsu of Daiyo and former Junichi baseball commentator Tatsunami appeared on CS Fuji TV ONE ‘Pro Baseball News’ on the 3rd.

Jones, who was hit by a batter four times in three games before Rakuten, hit a third base in the third inning with a hit in front of the center of Otta and a walk from Yoshida.

The Orix lost consecutive games after the previous day without a single hit in the scoring.

Mr. Hiramatsu, from the big chances (three) of Jones, who has stepped down from the chance, does not know if he did not wield it or not with this out-of-pocket bat. “Is not it that (the director) is not convinced,” he said bitterly.

“It’s inevitable to play double, but not running (with power) will demoralize the team,” Mr. Tatsunami also pointed out.

Jones, who has been in Japan for the second year, is in a severe slump this season with a batting average of 0.200, one homer and two RBIs and a batting average of 0.111. With Yoshida and Moya in batting form, Jones’ slump is becoming a fatal weakness.

Adam Jones, who hit 270 home runs in the major leagues, was a big player when he joined the club. He was Baltimore’s longest player and in 2012 he had career highs with 32 home runs.

He also had 16 home runs in Arizona before coming to Japan.

With great expectations, 스포츠중계 Orix has made a deal with a large investment of $8 million (about 9 billion won) over two years.

But after the opening was postponed last year, he had the worst season of failing to control his weight.

Last season, Jones went on 87-game trips, batting .258 with 12 homers and 43 RBIs, especially after the opening game was postponed, and his disappointment at not managing his body properly was high.

This season has also opened normally and has been involved in team training as well, so expectations have been higher.

But Jones’ bat is still not popping – Jones’s slump, which he already believed in in the poorly scored Orix, is a painful situation.

If Jones doesn’t survive, the Orix will likely remain in a poor performance this season, and the team will be able to do so.

Whether Jones will end up in a bad mood or whether he can change the team atmosphere with his performance that matches his reputation.

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